Fatat Noun, founder of “Fatat Jewelry Design” in Lebanon always has had a great love for jewelry. Fatat started designing jewelry as a hobby in 2006, and later in 2011, worked as a professional Freelance Jewelry Designer while concurrently completing studies in Jewelry.


When the opportunity came for Fatat, to switch gears from her freelance career, she decided to take the leap and turn her passion project into her own company and brand build on her success and determination, with a vision to advance what she had already achieved, in order to make Fatat Jewelry Design as a, “Brand of Choice.”


She synchronized her intrinsic drive to create with her eye for design and launched her first jewelry line, “Fatat Jewelry Design,” using highest quality diamond and exquisite precious colored gems, highlighting the beauty around us – a concept that is central to her design aesthetic.


When created, the brand name, “Fatat Jewelry Design,” was chosen to encompass Fatat’s own perspective of women. Now it’s become the motto for how she designs each collection.


Fatat Jewelry Design targets The “Fatat” who knows herself and what she wants. She’s glamorous, confident, tasteful, and seeks pieces that provide a feeling more than just a trend. Each piece should compliment her own beauty & style.


In her collections, Fatat seeks simplicity that shows admiration for quality, craftsmanship, and beauty with precise and inventive silhouettes.


There’s so much work involved with the method of creating jewelry, from the first iteration that is carved in wax to when it is cast, molded, and cast again; all before it even reaches the first customer. It’s a process that involves a lot of care and attention to detail.


At “Fatat Jewelry Design,” each & every gift is special.