Diamonds are the most beautiful and ancient creations from Nature. These precious treasures have intrigtweezersued and delighted for generations.


The light is the soul of the diamond. The Fire of the diamond is the dispersion of light in the myriad of the diamond facets. The Life is the sparkle of the diamond – the scintillation and bursts of light that enchant with every movement of the hand. The Brilliance begins with the natural transparency of the diamond. It leads to the brightness of the diamond that captures the light and reflects it back to your eye.


The 4 C’s


The 4Cs were introduced to verify diamonds and bring an understanding to their unique traits. Each of the 4C’s describes a diamonds specific characteristics – Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut were named as the industry measures. It is a balance of all four of these characteristics that denote the diamond’s value and rarity.



Carat is the weight of the diamond and the metric that denotes its size. It is the most visually apparent factor when comparing diamonds.



Color is the natural color or lack of color visible within a diamond. Scaling ranges from D to Z, the color band of diamonds move alphabetically from colorless to an increasing presence of color.



Clarity is a judgment of the internal presence of inclusions and the external visibility of blemishes. The regularity, size, nature, and position of these characteristics is considered and graded on a scale of F (Flawless) to I3.



Cut is the appraisal of the diamond’s facets and the ability of these to transmit light and sparkle. The Cut scale moves from Excellent to Poor. The balance of precision and craftsmanship unlocks a diamond’s unique brilliance and luster.